Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

Firefighting Posters: 9/11 Firefighter "Walk of Courage" Poster Print or Photo PrintOn this day 10 years ago, I was a new student at Purdue University and I had just finished an anatomy and physiology class.  I remember being so happy to be back at school and finally heading towards a career that I love.  I decided to walk over to the Union to get some coffee and study until my next class.  As I walked into the building it was earily quiet - way too quiet for a bustling campus.  I saw people sitting in the TV areas just watching and not saying a word.  I wondered what could have them so fixated and so quiet.  I sat down among them just in time to see the second plane hit.  I was in total shock and could not believe my eyes.  Fireman, who was not even a fireman at the time, was working at a construction site when I called to tell him what was happening.  All I really wanted to do right then was go home and be with my family. 
For the next several days, or maybe it was weeks, I was transfixed by the images on TV of the events as they took place, the clean up, and the search and rescue efforts.  It was all very hard to watch back then but I find it even harder to watch now that Fireman is a fire fighter.  I will never forget that day and will remember those who gave so much in my own way.  I have had to choose not to watch all the memorials that are on TV as they are just too overwhelming.  I even skipped reading the articles in the newspaper today.
So on this day, and every day, take time to remember those that were lost, spend time with your family and be thankful for all that we have.

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