Friday, February 17, 2012

The Lenten Season

Butternut squash and spinach lasagna
Will probably be making this one during Lent!
I realized today that Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, is just next week.  It is traditional for Catholics, and some other religions, to make some personal sacrifices and/or add some positive personal growth activities during Lent.  In general, I like to give up one thing and add one thing.  Most years during Lent, I give up chocolate or soda and add a daily rosary.  Since I've already mostly given up soda, I think that would be a poor choice.  Chocolate seems like a good choice, but we'll be in Ireland (have you seen the Cadbury everywhere there??) for part of Lent so this one will be the ultimate torture for me.  I'm not sure I can actually keep this commitment so now I'm left searching for another idea.  Lately, I have been very focused on adding more beans, fish and fruits and vegetables to my daily meal plan so giving up meat might be just the way to go.  This will actually serve two purposes.   One, it will increase the fiber in my diet which can help lower cholesterol, fill me up with less calories, and save money on the grocery bill.  Two, it will force me to come up with some new vegetarian meal ideas!  I'm always on the look out for great tasting, easy to prepare meat-free ideas. I would not classify myself as a vegetarian, but as a Registered Dietitian with a huge family history of heart disease, I understand the health benefits that eating less meat can offer. If you have a meat-free recipe that you really love, send it my way and I'll share some of the tasty ideas I come up with during the next 6 weeks!  Here's wishing all of you a blessed Lenten season.


  1. I as already following you on e-mail, but it's nice to see my flowers on your page as well. With all the family issues, you are right to keep an eye on the food choices you make. Good luck :-)I'll have some lean beef waiting for you after Easter ;-)

  2. your dish Butternut squash and spinach lasagna looks tasty. I have not tasted it before this time. I have noticed the recipe and now i want to try it. Thanks for sharing its recipe. I am also looking forward for other recipes!

  3. I live in Hong Kong and since I moved here, this is the kind of thing that makes me miss an oven. I wonder about doing this in the upper shelf of the BBQ though...

    1. It would definitely be worth a try! You probably have to watch it carefully so it doesn't burn but you should try it!!