Saturday, October 1, 2011

Traveling and Dining in San Diego II

So FNCE started bright and early on Sunday so we had to get up, eat breakfast and get to the conference by 8:00 a.m.  Embassy Suites, where we stayed had a wonderful breakfast buffet with some cook to order options.   Unfortunately, they didn't start serving breakfast early enough for us to take part on Sunday morning.  The good thing is that we went to Richard Walker's Pancake House!  They have a huge selection of not only American pancakes but also German pancakes, waffles,crepes, and omelets.  I decided on an omelet and was so glad I did.  It was super fluffy and filled with vegetables and came with a side of pancakes, which I didn't even eat because I was so full from the half omelet I was able to fit in my belly!!  Take a look at this thing: 
Omelet from Richard Walker's Pancake House!!  So Good!
This massive omelet kept me going until lunch when I decided to go to the Expo floor to see what kind of samples they were giving out.  I stopped by the Dairy Council and had some chocolate milk, Laughing Cow for a baby bel cheese (have you laughed today?), Chobani for a super yummy passion fruit Greek yogurt, and the Boar's Head table for a mini-sandwich.  I love the conference - no need to buy lunch!! 

That night we decided to try Karl Strauss Brewery.  We heard that they had great food and are known for their amazing macaroni and cheese.  Just look at this picture: Broccoli and  roasted red pepper cheesy goodness.  I don't think I need to say anything else about this one!!!  It was so worth the splurge!
Monday's conference was another long day of session after session.  Some of them were better than others but that usually happens.  I kept finding myself sitting in a session that wasn't what I expected, I already knew the information, or was just plain boring.  I'd get up, check my schedule and head to another one.  I usually found an interesting one on the second try but if I didn't, I'd go hang out on the Expo floor and learn about new products.  On this day, I ran into some awesome dietitian friends from home and we decided to all go to dinner together.  We chose seafood - I mean, we were in San Diego right?!  Anthony's Seafood was recommended on our cab ride from the airport and then again by the information desk at the Expo center so we decided to give it a shot.   The restaurant sits right on the water and offers many fish, seafood, and chicken options.  Most of us decided on the Seafood Trio - crab cake, salmon fillet, and garlic shrimp.  All very good and well priced with good service.  Unfortunately, I seem to forget to take food photos when I'm with a group!  Sorry!!

I already told you about our awesome last night when we went to Freddy's Mexican food for Taco Tuesday so I won't rehash it.  All I can say is, if you ever get a chance to go to San Diego there are somethings you shouldn't miss:  The Zoo, Coronado, Gaslamp district, Balboa Park, Freddy's Mexican and The Field Irish Pub (where Fireman spent some afternoon time waiting for me)!  It's a great place to vacation, not overly expensive, super clean and easy to get around.  So go! Enjoy!! - - and take me with you!!!

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