Friday, January 6, 2012

Dinner in a hurry - Chicken sausage, peppers and onion sandwiches

Sorry to have been away for a bit but I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your families.  After all the holiday feasting, I am often asked for quick, yet healthy meal ideas and this one could not be quicker or easier to prepare. The next time you're short on time and need to get a healthy meal on the table fast, give these sandwiches a try.  You could also serve the sausage and peppers mixed with pasta, over rice, or atop a nice salad for a hot/cold meal in minutes!

Chicken sausages with pepper and onions

1-1 1/2 Chicken sausage per person (depending on size of sausage - I used Trader Joe's Zesty Jalapeno)
6 oz. frozen, fire-roasted pepper and onion blend vegetables (I used Trader Joe's)
Shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
Toasted mini-hoagie rolls (I used Aunt Millie's brand)

Slice sausages and saute in a medium skillet; add pepper and onions (no need to thaw).  Saute mixture until heated through.  Meanwhile, toaste hoagie rolls.  Top rolls with shredded mozzarella and sausage mixture and enjoy!

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